Our Mission:
To enable donors to achieve their philanthropic goals, to meet changing community needs, and thereby to benefit the communities, people, and other nonprofit organizations of Chippewa County    

How We Succeed: 
By collaborating with other organizations, we will provide leadership in addressing issues important to Chippewa County. We will receive and prudently manage assets created by charitable gifts for permanent endowments and other charitable purposes.
We will make appropriate and relevant grants, both restricted and unrestricted, to qualified organizations. We will also provide investment management services and other assistance to nonprofit organizations as appropriate.

About Us

Support charitable, religious, and other nonprofit organizations
through the Community Foundation of Chippewa County.

We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that has been established to provide professionally managed services by which individuals, families, and businesses can contribute through lifetime and estate gifts for the betterment of their Chippewa County communities. We are here to support the charitable, religious, and other nonprofit organizations in the county. Our mission is to be complementary to, not competitive with, their efforts.


Linda Bergen
Community Volunteer (Retired)

Jeanne Boisvert
Community Volunteer (Retired)

Patti Darley
Community Volunteer (Retired)

Dave Fish
Community Volunteer (Retired)

David Jankoski
Community Volunteer (Retired)

Susan Kern
Mason Companies, Inc.

Benjamin Lane
Wiley Law SC

Meg MacLaughlin-Barck
Larson Construction Co., Inc.

Neil Mathwig
Citizens State Bank

Paul Salm
BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Dean White
Spectrum Industries, Inc.

Melinda Haun
Executive Director & Secretary of Board (Non-voting)



Jackie Bernier, Dennis Boisvert,
Jim Colbert, Ken Custer,
Tom Drehmel, Dennis Ferstenou,
Roz Gates, Lori Geissler,
Dennis Heyde, Bob Hogseth,
Tom Kell, Heather Hunt,
Jerry Jacobson, Jamie Leibrandt,
Peg Leinenkugel, John Lubs,
Steve Meinen, Steve Pregent,
Joyce Pugh, Dave Raihle, Jr.,
Gordy Schafer, Rick Schafer,
Mike Schoch, Tim Scobie,
Darrin Senn, Bill Volker,
Dale Zwiefelhofer

Executive Committee

Chair: Dave Jankoski, Community Volunteer (Retired)
1st Vice Chair: Meg MacLaughlin-Barck, Larson Construction Co., Inc.
2nd Vice Chair: Dean White, Spectrum Industries, Inc.
Treasurer: Paul Salm, BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Secretary: Melinda Haun, Executive Director (Non-voting)
Past-Chair: Susan Kern, Mason Companies, Inc.

Development/P.R. & Marketing Committee

Chair: Meg MacLaughlin-Barck, Larson Construction Co., Inc.
Linda Bergen, Jeanne Boisvert, Patti Darley, Carol Gienapp,
Ann Gordon, Bob Hogseth, Dave Jankoski, Susan Kern, Fred Kuss,
Peg Leinenkugel

Finance & Investment Committee

Chair: Paul Salm, BMO Harris Bank N.A.
Dave Fish, Dennis Heyde, Bob Hogseth, Dave Jankoski, Susan Kern,
Tom Kell, Meg MacLaughlin-Barck, Neil Mathwig, Rick Schafer,
Darrin Senn, Bill Volker, Dean White

Grants Committee

Chair: Patti Darley, Community Volunteer (Retired)
Linda Bergen, Jeanne Boisvert, Bill Faherty, Dave Fish,
Dave Jankoski, Susan Kern, Ellen Kiefer, Peg Leinenkugel,
Loni Meinen, Darrin Senn, Barb Tzanakis

Nominating / Board Governance Committee

Chair: Dave Jankoski
Vice-Chair: Meg MacLaughlin-Barck
Former Chair: Susan Kern
Former Chair: Rick Schafer
Former Chair: Tim Scobie



Melinda Haun, Executive Director

Christine Dusick, Fund Accounting Manager

Marlys Van Ert, Administrative Assistant

Financial/Fund Accounting Services provided by HP&A Solutions