“Though neither of us has lived in Chippewa Falls our entire life, we feel this is where our heart is. We find it to be an amazing, caring, forward looking community. We wanted to be identified with an organization that focuses on the needs of our chosen community both now and in the future. Initially, we had intended to earmark our funds for activities involving youth. This designation was a natural considering our combined number of grandkids. After further consideration, we opted for an undesignated endowment. We are confident that a board of community minded people will be in charge of our funds and make the most appropriate decisions, in perpetuity, for Chippewa County at large.”
— The Myrman Family

Types of Endowment Funds

What type of endowment fund is right for you?

Endowment funds provide financial support for your favorite charities now and into the future. There are several different types of funds available that allow you to reflect your personal goals and desires. The type of fund you choose depends on how involved you would like to be, and how much you would like to be involved with the distributions from your fund.

Why establish an endowment fund instead of giving directly to a charity?

Provide a source of continual income for your favorite charities when you endow your gift. The foundation will safeguard your fund's assets and preserve your charitable intent. In addition, establishing a fund through the foundation opens the door to a wealth of charitable-giving expertise and the flexibility to give assets (such as appreciated stock or real estate) that some smaller organizations might not be able to receive on their own.

Agency Fund

For a minimum* commitment of $10,000 from a charitable or other tax-exempt organization

Give more visibility for your fund, open the door to donors throughout the community, and gain administrative and investment services through the foundation when you establish an Agency Fund to serve the purposes of your organization. If you already have an endowment fund in place, consider changing the administrative and investment management of the assets to the foundation and receive these same benefits. If your designated organization ceases to exist, changes it's mission, or loses its nonprofit status, the foundation will select an alternate use for the fund compatible with its original purpose.

Designated Fund

For a minimum* commitment of $10,000 from an individual, family, or group of any kind

Designate specific agencies or purposes to receive your gifts. A Designated Fund allows you optimum control over your distributions. If your designated organization ceases to exist or loses its nonprofit status, we will help choose a similar beneficiary. If you are no longer living, we will identify another organization that most closely matches your charitable intentions.

Donor-Advised Fund

For a minimum* commitment of $25,000 from an individual, family, or group of any kind

Be actively involved in the distribution of your gifts by making annual grant recommendations to support organizations and activities that are of interest to you. You can choose who receives the grants, as well as the amount of grants available from the fund. Plus, with a Donor-Advised Fund, you can pass along the value of giving to your family. You can name family members and others, who are living at the time that the fund is established, to join you in advising current grants or to succeed you as fund advisors.

Field of Interest Fund

For a minimum* commitment of $10,000 from an individual, family, or group of any kind

If you have a particular area of interest – such as children, education, the arts, health, social justice, or the environment – but want us to use the foundation's knowledge to determine where community need is greatest, a Field of Interest Fund can be an excellent option.

Unrestricted Fund

For a minimum* commitment of $10,000 from an individual, family, or group of any kind

By establishing an Unrestricted Fund or by designating a portion of your fund for unrestricted use, you place your trust in us to use our years of experience and community knowledge to determine where grant money is needed most. Unrestricted Funds enable The Community Foundation of Chippewa County to help address our region's changing needs by increasing discretionary grant awards and undertaking new community initiatives. These funds are vital for the support of many local not-for-profit organizations that enhance our quality of life.

Pass-through Funds (Not Endowed)

Establish a short term fund to receive gifts for a specific purpose. Pass-through funds under $10,000 are not assessed administrative fees, but gains are accrued by the foundation. Pass-through funds of $10,000 or more are assessed administrative fees and are credited with growth the same as permanent endowment funds.

* A fund’s principal assets must reach the minimums stated before grants may be made. Named funds may be created as Seedling Funds (see below) by gifts representing a percentage of the minimum for grant-making purposes.