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Together, we create opportunities and solutions that meet your client's charitable aspirations.

Working With Us

Our primary focus is to streamline the process of charitable giving for you and your clients.

Giving back to the community should be straightforward and hassle-free, without burdening clients with tax complications or administrative complexities. We ensure that you have everything you need in an organized manner.

Deepen Your Client Relationships

Talk about philanthropy. Deepen your relationship with clients by understanding their volunteer work, charitable passions, and meaningful community causes. It's common for people to be pleasantly surprised that leaving a charitable legacy is within their reach.

When To Give

Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal, and financial decisions. However, each individual's timing is unique to their needs, philanthropic goals, and funding type.

Fund Impact Playlist

Starting a Fund

Endowed funds provide sustained, long-term charitable grants for Chippewa County's people and resources. Many different funding vehicles can be used to establish a charitable fund. There are also many options for customizing the type of fund that will best suit each fundholder.

Ways to Give

Types of Funds

Who We Are

The Community Foundation serves as the custodian of more than 250 charitable funds, leveraging investment growth to tackle community needs and empower donors to realize their philanthropic aspirations.

Partner with our dedicated team to navigate the intricacies of charitable giving. Whether your clients prioritize education, healthcare, or any other cause, trust us to support them in fulfilling their charitable objectives. Connect with us today and help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals!

Nationally Accredited

As a nationally accredited community foundation, we:

  • Perform due diligence to ensure that grants will be used for charitable purposes by public nonprofits/charities
  • Ensure that discretionary funds will grant out to meet community needs
  • Widely disburse grants across many charitable focus areas

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Our fundholders often express that their initial motivation was simply to give back, but they find profound joy in seeing the positive impact of their fund's grants within the community.

— Jill Herriges, Executive Director

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