Give any amount, any time. Amplify your impact when you contribute to an existing fund.

The easiest and most flexible way to address the community's most pressing needs is to be a contributor to Community Needs Grant cycles. Contribute any amount without having to select a specific cause or open an endowment fund.

Community Needs Grant Fund

Join the largest community-giving effort in Chippewa County! Help today's nonprofits meet the community's most pressing needs. Each fiscal year, donations to this fund are distributed in their entirety to fulfill grant requests. Read more about this fund and Community Needs Grants.

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Fund for Chippewa County

If you are passionate about making a difference but haven't chosen a specific cause, this endowed fund addresses the ever-changing needs of our community, both now and in the future.

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Give Chippewa County

Become more active in local philanthropy with an annual membership to the Give Chippewa County Giving Circle. Member fees support local grants while building an endowment fund. This is a new, affordable, comfortable way to provide continued support as a community.

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In Memory Of

To honor the memory of a special person, funds are often established to carry out their kindness. Your contribution will forever create opportunities of healing, resilience, and service in their name. Search the name of the fund on the Donate page to begin.

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The Community Foundation manages over 280 funds. Contribute to an existing fund to support its charitable intent.

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