Fundholders are visionaries who leave a charitable legacy for the future of Chippewa County.




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What is an Endowment Fund?

While one-time charitable donations ease immediate needs; an endowment builds capital, forever.

Through the Foundation, funds that have reached an endowment level are strategically invested with a focus on long-term growth. Your endowed fund will generate interest, which is used to provide grants to nonprofits. These grants directly serve the people and services in Chippewa County.

You can start an endowment or grow your fund toward the endowment level. You can also choose what type of community need your fund will fulfill.

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How It Works:

We make it easy, each step of the way. All it takes is a passion for your community, and we help with the rest! We will guide you through resources and help you create a permanent charitable fund.

1. Discover Your Charitable Passion

What community need do you aspire to fulfill? Select from five charitable focus areas: Arts & Culture, Environment & Animal Welfare, Community Development, Education, and Health & Human Services.

2. Activate Your Gifts

Our executive staff will discuss the types of gifts that can be used to open a fund; like cash, stocks, and more. The timing of your gifts should be well coordinated. If you request, we will coordinate with your wealth management professional.

3. Create Your Fund

We help you personalize the type of fund that best matches your charitable goals. Your fund is invested for long-term growth. From this growth, grants are made in the name of your fund.

4. See the Impact: For Good, Forever

Enjoy the feeling of making a powerful difference in your community. Watch your investment create a more resilient and healthy community.

What Funds Accomplish

What is an Endowment Fund

The Feeling of Being a Fundholder

This scholarship is our way to give back to the community for welcoming us, supporting our efforts, and creating a great community.

— Anson Albarado

My endowment will help get more done, more projects accomplished, and more people together.

— Patricia (Ehlers) Popple

Self-navigate additional details or connect with us for a personalized discovery session.

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