Types of Funds

Whether you prefer to support a specific nonprofit each year or prefer to benefit any charity doing work in a charitable category; your fund is personalized.

Types of Funds

Field of Interest Fund

Fundholders declare one of five charitable focus areas that their fund will support when granting out.

Seedling Funds

Build toward endowment overtime. Start a Seedling Fund with 20% of the permanent endowment amount. Contribute regularly until endowed. Once fully endowed, your fund will grant out to support the organization or purpose you care most about.

Agency Funds

Opened by a nonprofit or charitable organization solely to support its long-term, mission-driven goals.

Designated Funds

Fundholders open a fund and name a specific nonprofit or charitable purpose they will support with an endowment.

Donor-advised Funds

Fundholders choose each year, the specific nonprofit or charitable purpose to support with their fund's earnings.

Unrestricted Funds

These endowed funds respond to the highest needs in Chippewa County through the annual competitive grant cycle. This high-impact fund type also includes:

Pass-through Funds

Non-endowed funds are usually established for short-term nonprofit campaigns, projects, or charitable giving. This fund type includes:

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