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3 R's Fitness Fund Forever

Albarado/Klay Family Fund

Alice Hagen Education Endowment Fund

Alice M. Hanson Memorial Scholarship Fund-Bloomer School District Endowed Funds

All Saints Parish, Holy Family Church Capital Improvement Fund

Archie and Ardella Pecha Family Scholarship Fund- Bloomer School District Endowed Funds

Arlene and Gene A. Lopas Environmental and Historical Endowment Fund

Autumn Community Sunshine Fund

Barbara F. Harper Endowment Fund

Bejin Family Endowment Fund

Bergen Family Fund

Bernie, Shirley, and Barb Liedl Family Fund

Betty and Dean White Family Endowment Fund

Beyond Boomers Class Reunion Association Endowment Fund

Bill Olson Endowment Fund

Bill and Alice Thorpe Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund

Bill and Mary Lou Leinenkugel Endowment Fund

Bloomer Athletic Complex Development Pass-through Fund

Bloomer School District Scholarship Pass-through Funds

Bob and Donna Hogseth Family Chippewa History Fund

Bob and Donna Hogseth Sunshine Endowment Fund

Bob and Lea Dirks Coast to Coast Hardware Store Endowment Fund

Brunet Island State Park Seedling Fund

Cadott School District Scholarship Pass-through Funds

Callahan Family Endowment Fund

Carey B. Kell Endowment Fund

Caring for Forest Hill Cemetery Fund

Carmen and Gene Mower Family Endowment Fund

Cath and Bob Lea Family Fund

Charles J. and Sally E. Smith Cornell Community Endowment Fund

Chet and Irene Lindsey Endowment Fund

Chippewa Area History Center Endowment Fund

Chippewa County Agricultural Advancement Fund

Chippewa County Dental Endowment

Chippewa County Genealogical Society Fund

Chippewa County Historical Society Endowment Fund

Chippewa County Humane Association Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Area Senior Center Memorial Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District Cardinal Community Learning Center Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls High School Athletic Booster Club Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls High School Athletics and Activities Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls High School Cardinal Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Main Street Seedling Fund

Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and Technology Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Public Library Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Youth Football Endowment Fund

Chippewa Falls Youth Football Pass-through Fund

Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership Pass-through Fund

Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve Endowment Fund

Chippewa River Industries Empowerment Fund

Chippewa Valley Cultural Association Endowment Fund

Chippewa Youth Hockey Association Kids on Ice Endowment Fund

Cody Family Fund

Community Foundation Operating Fund

Community Needs Grant Fund

Cook Rutledge Mansion Endowment Fund

Cornell Community Seedling Fund

Cornell School District Scholarship Pass-through Fund

Cornell Stacker Pass-through Fund

Custer Family Endowment Fund

D.R. Moon Memorial Library Fund

D.R. Moon Memorial Library Pass-through Fund

Dan and Jacque Daniel Scholarship Fund

Dan and Linda Hunt Family Endowment Fund

Darley Family Foundation Fund

Dave Landgraf Hickory Ridge Trail Memorial Seedling Fund

David E. Wermund Memorial Fund

David and Amanda Schafer Family Seedling Fund

David and Patricia Jankoski Family Endowment Fund

David and Sharon Raihle Fund

Dennis and Bonnie Ferstenou Family Endowment Fund

Dennis and Carole Mickesh Fund

Dennis and Jeanne Boisvert Family Endowment Fund

Dianne and Larry Marquardt Family Fund

Dietmar Braune and Rita Schrantz Endowment Fund

Dimock Family Fund

Dolores (Schindler) Hebert History & Genealogy Fund

Dolores Barnier Education Fund

Donna & Bob Hogseth Family Falls Youth Endowment Fund

Doris Vennard Nursing Endowment Fund

Douglas and Marilyn "Jinx" Smith Family Fund

Dr. Bertha M. Bresina Endowment Fund

Dr. Mahmoud Taman Endowment Fund

Earl and Hazel "Hess" Morrison Fund

Early Riser Kiwanis Endowment for Hunger Fund

Edith B. Arnhold Memorial Scholarship Fund

Edwin and Evelyn Nyhus Centennial Fund

Emmett A. and Anne E. Keller Family Fund

Erickson Park on Glen Loch Fund

Erik and Jenn Larson Fund

F. & E. Siverling Memorial Tutor Program Pass-through Fund

Family Support Center Endowment Fund

Fern Anderson and Verdell Arneson Educational Fund-Cadott School District Endowed Funds

Fish Family Endowment Fund

Frank Schlick Memorial Endowment Fund

Fund For Chippewa County

George A. Miller and Alice Miller Library Endowment Fund

George and Jacquie Gannon Family Endowment Fund

George and Peggy Fleming Family Fund

Gerald E. and Susan J. Joas Endowment Fund

Gerald H. and Ann C. Jacobson Fund

Gerald and Elaine Mann Endowment Fund

Gienapp Family Endowment Fund

Give Chippewa County Giving Circle

Great Northern Corporation Fund

Greenhalgh Memorial Music Endowment Fund

Harold D. "Mac" McDonald Endowment Fund

Harold and Marian Hunt Family Endowment Fund

Heyde Health System Fund

Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial Pass-through Fund

Holtz Family Fund

Howard L. and Joanne M. Olson Family Endowment Fund

Huls Endowment Fund

Hunter's Hope

Irma M. and Vincent E. Miller Endowment Fund

Iron Will Endowment Fund

Irvine Park Endowment Fund

J. Murray and Crystal Gordon Endowment Fund

Jack and Dorothy Christensen Family Education Seedling Fund

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Employee Endowment Fund

Jake and Peggy Leinenkugel Family Endowment Fund

James and Amelia Hopkins - Masonic Lodge F. & A.M. No. 176 Educational Fund

James and Arlene Wright Family Endowment Fund

James and Margaret Kern Memorial Endowment Fund

Jane M. Lardahl Endowment Fund

Jason S. Zunker Memorial Endowment Fund

Jason and Tessa Darley Family Seedling Fund

Jeff and Julie Bowe Family Fund

Jeff and Lori Irvine Family Fund

Jim and Jackie Bernier Endowment Fund

Jim and Sheryl Jones Family Seedling Fund

Joan and Peter Kirk Lake Wissota Improvement Fund

Jodie Mueller Family Fund

John A. and Jane E. Mason Lubs Family Fund

John Andrew and Debi Carlson Memorial Fund

John R. and Ellen A. O'Neil Endowment Fund

John Wilson Music Endowment Fund

John and Mary Hofkes Family Endowment Fund

Joseph W. Joas Designated Endowment Fund

Joseph W. Joas Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Kathryn A. Dircz Memorial Fund

Kiefer Family Fund

Kiwanis Club of Chippewa Falls Endowment Fund

Kiwanis Club of Chippewa Falls Peggy Rathbun Memorial Endowment Fund

Koehn Family Endowment Fund

Lake Holcombe Area PRIDE Committee Pass-through Fund

Lake Wissota Improvement and Protection Endowment Fund

Lake Wissota State Park Endowment Fund

Lake Wissota Stewardship Project Pass-through Fund

Lane Family Seedling Fund

Les and Marilyn Harrison Family Endowment Fund

Literacy Chippewa County Fund

Living Land Endowment Fund

Lloyd and Arnetta Eckes Family Endowment Fund

Lori and Loopy Kleich Wellness Fund

Luarta and Mike Soden Family Scholarship Fund

Luke Bathke Special Education Endowment Fund

Marcus Myrman and Marcene O'Brien-Myrman Family Endowment Fund

Marvin and Rita Tanzer Family Endowment Fund

Mary Beth and David A. Spooner Fund

Mary and Jerry Jacobson Family Fund

Matthew (Mogey) and Jennifer McDonough Family Fund

McDowell Economic Development Seedling Fund

McIntyre Family Endowment Fund

Mentor Chippewa Endowment Fund

Mentor Chippewa Scholarship Fund

Mildred "Penny" C. Mars Memorial Endowment Fund

N. Joie Hertzfeld Endowment Fund

Nancy B. Knitter- Music is My Life Fund

New Auburn School District Scholarship Endowed Fund

New Auburn School District Scholarship Program Pass-through Funds

Norm and Mary Ellen Keller Fund

Northern Wisconsin State Fair Endowment Fund

Northwestern Bank School Mini-Grant Fund

Operation Backpack For Endangered Children Endowment Fund

Our Nawakwa Connecting Youth to Nature Campaign Pass-through Fund

Our Nawakwa Youth Camp Fund

Pat and Gary Gray Family Endowment Fund

Patricia J. (Ehlers) Popple Sunny Day Legacy Fund

Patricia Quigley-Anderson Endowment Fund

Patti J. Boeve Fund

Patti and Jeff Darley Family Endowment Fund

Paul Walter Schaus, M.D. Endowment Fund

Peggy Lindoo Endowment Fund

Peter and Sue Holm Family Fund

Pugh Family Country Treasures Endowment Fund

RM Dewitt Memorial Scholarship Fund- Bloomer School District Endowed Funds

Ray and Lilene Helgerson Educational Endowment Fund

Response-Recovery-Rebuild Fund

Rick and Heather Hunt Family Seedling Fund

Ride on Riley Fund

Robert "Rusty" Gilles Youth Agricultural Scholarship

Robert and Frances Bowe and Fred R. Bowe Memorial Fund

Robert and Madeline Ruscin Educational Fund

Roland and Helen Irwin Endowment Fund

Rolf Chance Memorial Endowment Fund

Russ and Gloria Kazda Endowment Fund

Sandra and Roger Robarge Family Endowment Fund

School District of Gilman Engles Fund

Senn Family Endowment Fund

Sharing Love Fund

Sheila and Bill Volker City of Chippewa Falls Police, Fire, and Emergency Services Endowment Fund

Sheila and Bill Volker Irvine Park Endowment Fund

Sheila and Bill Volker Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Skip and Jill Thaler Family Endowment Fund

Sloane J. Brehmer Endowment Fund

St. Vincent de Paul Service Endowment Fund

Stanley Area Historical Society Endowment Fund

Stanley Community Endowment Fund

Stanley-Boyd Area School District Scholarship Pass-through Funds

Steve and Lauree Pregent Family Fund

Sue Decker Theatre Endowment Fund

Swanson Endowment Fund for Staff Development

Thad and Linda Hebert Seedling Fund

The WANE Fire Safety and Prevention Endowment Fund

The Youth of Lake Holcombe Endowment Fund

Thomas J. Joas and Julie A. Joas Endowment Fund

Through Thick and Thin- the David Wermund Memorial Fund

Tim Leis Family Youth Enrichment Endowment Fund

Tom and Louise Lea Fund

Tom and Marge Geissler Family Seedling Fund

Tom and Pam Kell Family Endowment Fund

Trey Raihle Memorial Fund

Troop #3055 Memorial Fund

United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley Endowment Fund

Warren and Virginia Wermund Endowment Fund

Welcome to Chippewa Falls U.S. Flag Endowment Fund

William Irvine Endowment Fund

William and Deborah McDougall Endowment Fund

William and Nancy Pickerign Family Fund

Wisconsin Tree Identification Fund

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