Community Needs Grant Fund

"Would you like to support nonprofits serving Chippewa County without having to set up your own endowment fund? A gift to our Community Needs Grant Fund may be a good fit for you."

The Community Needs Grant Fund, previously known as the Board Grant Fund, was established in 2007 and is a non-endowed unrestricted pass-through fund. The original name was given to this fund because past and present board members of the Community Foundation were invited to contribute to it annually. In 2020, a decision was made by the Board of Directors to change the name to the Community Needs Grant Fund to open the opportunity for others to support nonprofits serving Chippewa County without having to set up their own endowment fund.

While unrestricted and field of interest endowed funds established through the Community Foundation continue to grow, gifts to the Foundation's Community Needs Grant Fund supplements the earnings from these funds. This provides the Foundation's Grants Committee with an additional source of unrestricted dollars to award nonprofit organizations and address the community's most pressing current needs through the annual competitive grant cycle. Community Needs grant funding from unrestricted funds, field of interest funds and the Community Needs Grant Fund support the areas of arts and culture, community development, education, environment and animal welfare, and health and human services.

Contributing to the Community Needs Grant Fund is a great way to ensure nonprofit organizations throughout Chippewa County are receiving the funds needed to assist with the community's most pressing needs each year. All the gifts contributed to this Fund each fiscal year are used in their entirety for the annual Community Needs Grant cycle.

This fund supports our annual Community Needs unrestricted grant awards.  All of the gifts to this unrestricted fund are made available to grant each year to address the most current and pressing needs within our county.  No administrative fees are assessed to the fund and 100% of donations are used for the Foundation's competitive annual grant cycle.  

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