3 R's Fitness Fund Forever

"Lifelong recreation renews a person. It's vital."

With a lifelong passion for connecting people and cultivating talents, Roz and Rick Gates formed an endowment that will continue their life's work in perpetuity. Together, Roz and Rick created the 3 R's, Fitness Fund Forever.

The fund supports nonprofit organization projects that renew, regenerate, and revitalize people through recreation and outdoor pursuits. Aspired communities include Birch Creek, Lake Holcombe, Ruby, Sampson, and Willard.

Throughout her 35-year physical education career, Roz created opportunities for human connection, shared learning, and self-improvement. Using a recreation platform, she created dynamic opportunities for people to learn life skills.

"Outdoor pursuits teach lifelong skills. In fact, many of my former students tell me how they are now teaching others the skills they learned in my class. That was eye-opening," said Roz.

Her husband, Rick Gates, enjoyed a 37-year career at Kell Container/Great Northern and retired as General Manager. During his tenure, he created opportunities for professional and personal development and fostered a culture of caring for people at work. Acknowledging that the 3R's fund encourages personal growth and community connection, Rick reflects, "Lifelong recreation renews a person. It's vital."

The fund seeks nonprofit project proposals that draw the community into recreational activities and create a place where people can learn from each other, test their own limits, and set goals. "The more innovative, the better," confirms Roz. "We envision funding projects that support innovative recreational activities to benefit the health of the Chippewa County community for generations."

Roz and Rick Gates created the 3 R's Fitness Fund Forever which focuses on Health and Human Services to support outdoor recreational opportunities in the Chippewa County towns of Ruby, Sampson, Birch Creek, and Lake Holcombe.

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