Beyond Boomers Class Reunion Association Endowment Fund

"It's really limitless as to who can come to the Community Foundation and either start a fund or give money to a fund, he said. "It helps out all of Chippewa County, not just one town or city or group or organization. To me, it's invaluable to have everybody able to be a part of it that wants to be a part of it."- Garrett Bresina, President"

A new fund allows former Chippewa Falls High School and McDonell High School students to help current students. 

Late last year, alumni from both schools established the Beyond Boomers Class Reunion Seedling Fund, intended to finance scholarships at the two schools once it is fully funded.

"We're still undecided on what the funds are going to get released for, but they will benefit both high schools- not that they're solely for scholarships, but maybe for both Booster Clubs or toward something with the science departments or something. It could change from year to year," explained Garret Bresina, a 1991 Chi-Hi graduate and president of the Beyond Boomers Class Reunion's board of directors.

Beyond Boomers is an extension of Chippewa Falls Baby Boomers. Both are combined class reunions for graduates of Chippewa Falls and McDonell High Schools. The Baby Boomers Reunion, held every other year in even numbered calendar years, is for graduates from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The Beyond Boomers Reunion, held every two years in odd numbered years, is for 1980s and 90s grads.

Profits from each Beyond Boomers Reunion will be donated to the new fund established through the Community Foundation of Chippewa County. "With each event, we're hoping to get bigger and bigger," said Bresina, who's hopeful that greater turnouts will translate into larger deposits for the fund.

He, for one, is grateful for an organization like the Community Foundation - and its supporters - for helping this cause, and so many others.

Grants support the Beyond Boomers Class Reunion Association.

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