Bill Olson Endowment Fund

"It's a community that has a close feel to seems like everyone is involved somehow, either on a small or large scale, giving something back through donating or volunteering."- Bill Olson"

To Bill Olson, Chippewa Falls overflows with people who value the city and take care of one another. Supporting the Community Foundation of Chippewa County gives him a vehicle to make a lasting difference in a city that has nurtured his family.

Now vice president of Huffcutt Concrete, Olson grew up in Chippewa Falls with his two brothers and two sisters. The close-knit family was involved in church and the community. He and most of his siblings worked in the business, which his dad purchased from Henry Huffcutt in 1968, during summers to earn money for their college education.

After attending UW-Eau Claire and then finishing his engineering degree at UW-Madison in 1981, Olson followed his college roommate to Houston, Texas, to work for various construction firms for 12 years.

"When I lived in Texas, I really didn't get involved in any volunteering or community things because I would live someplace for three years tops and then have to move on to another city when a project was finished."

While he gained a wealth of construction experience within a short period of time, Olson yearned for stability and a place to set down his roots. In the mid-1990s, he was grateful for the opportunity to return to his family's growing business, purchasing Huffcutt Concrete along with brother Steve from their dad, John, in 1996. Most of his siblings also have returned to the area since college.

Like many who contribute to the area's philanthropic atmosphere, he supports a variety of charities. Establishing an endowment fund through the Community Foundation was a way to look long term, beyond those immediate gifts.

"When the time comes that I can't continue doing those things, that gift will continue."

Bill Olson

grants support the Legacy Community Center in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

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