David and Patricia Jankoski Family Endowment Fund

"The whole idea is to support Stanley community needs."

David Jankoski is a Stanley area supporter through and through. The couple's mutual interest in civic involvement led them to the Community Foundation of Chippewa County and the formation of the David and Patricia Jankoski Family Endowment Fund.

Dave was the city's mayor for 14 years. He presently serves as president of the Stanley Area Historical Society, is a member of the Stanley Lions Club and is on the Chippewa County Housing Authority's board of directors. His wife, Patricia, is equally active, involved in the Red Hats Society, Our Lady of Victory Hospital Auxiliary, Stanley Area Historical Society and Stanley Lions Club.

"Some of the things I was envisioning would be needs in the area of youth sports, public library, historical society or parks. As an example, as mayor, I saw a need for more youth sports support. I thought it would have been helpful if some additional funds had been available for these programs. David's familiarity with the CommunityFoundation's mission, along with its desire to improve the County, made the decision to personally support the organization a comfortable one. "I think the most valuable thing that the Community Foundation allows is for a family or individual to leave a legacy for their community or the broader community," David said.

"People have been very generous to the Foundation in allowing the broader needs of Chippewa County to be addressed - so it's a benefit to all communities that are part of Chippewa County." And, in keeping with the true nature of an endowment fund, it's also a gift that keeps on giving - which he and his wife appreciate.

"I just think that it gives a person a good feeling," he said, referring to the realizationthat his family's support will now live on indefinitely. "Not only can you donate to some causes that you support while you're living, but it also ensures that, in the future and beyondyour life, organizations that have meant something to you will continue to receive your support."


Donor Advised funds can engage a family or group in philanthropic decisions. Fundholders determine the nonprofit community need to support with the fund's earnings.

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