Dimock Family Fund

"It's a cool thing for our community to have funds that it can access for different programs to support education, an area where money is so tight."

From the time he started kindergarten until his retirement in 2009, Jim Dimock set foot in almost every Chippewa Falls school, either as a student, a teacher, or a principal.

Even after retiring, Jim stayed connected, volunteering in his grandchildren's classrooms and serving as school board president. "Not many people start in kindergarten, go all the way through the district and graduate, work and retire there, and then become president of the school board," says his wife, Kris. "He was very committed to education."

Before Jim was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2014, the couple had decided to leave a legacy through the Community Foundation of Chippewa County because of its trustworthiness and experience with the schools and the arts. Set up as a Field of Interest Fund, it will be used for grants in the field of education.

Jim devoted his life to his family, education and Chippewa Falls. "He wanted to get back into the schools to be with the kids and the families and the teachers. He really liked the community piece,". Everywhere Jim and Kris went, people recognized him because he had touched so many families. He knew everybody in town.

Kris shares Jim's devotion to education. For 26 years she taught in Catholic schools, Bloomer Public Schools, and the Eau Claire Area School District before she became principal at Longfellow School in Eau Claire. Kris retired in June 2015 as the Eau Claire School District's director of elementary education. Their son, Joel, is a program support teacher of secondary special education in Eau Claire. Daughter Erin is an emergency room nurse who trains nursing staff and educates high school students about medical field careers. "Education is the best investment you can make," according to Kris.

Establishing an Unrestricted Fund gives the Foundation board flexibility to respond to the greatest needs. The Jim and Kris Dimock Family Seedling Fund is set up in such a way that the funds could even be combined with other funds to help meet larger needs. "The intent of the fund reflects our commitment to support the teaching and learning of students and staff in ways that the district can't afford, to build our future."

Grants support the area of education.

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