Dr. Mahmoud Taman Endowment Fund

"This is just a little part of what I have received from their (the community) support and kindness...So I'm just giving back a little, particularly to those in need, in their time of crisis."

Over the last 45 years, Dr. Mahmoud Taman has seen patients, young and old, in their times of crisis. Taman, a retired psychiatrist who continues to do occasional consulting work, has seen people disabled and disadvantaged because of their associated mental disorders.

"They are unable to function socially, financially, and they have great difficulty maintaining themselves in their community," said Taman, who practiced for 10 years with Marshfield Clinic and operated a private practice in Chippewa Falls for 25 years.

It's saddened him to see patients unable to rent an apartment because they can't afford the down payment or go without critical medications because of their lack of finances. 

So he decided to do something about it, establishing the Dr. Mahmoud Taman Endowment Fund to support mental health, urgent medical and social needs. 

"I thought I might initiate something which would help these individuals, in their crisis time- until they could get some more help," he said "At these times, people need a hand, and that's why I thought I would do this- to provide patients, at a time of need, some funds to keep them afloat."

Noting that he's lived in the community for more than 40 years and made his life here, Taman said he felt compelled to "give back some of what they gave me."


Grants support mental health, urgent medical, and social needs.

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