Robert and Frances Bowe and Fred R. Bowe Memorial Fund

"The Field of Interest family of unrestricted funds support areas of interest that may include Arts and Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment and Animal Welfare, and Health and Human Services."

Raised on a dairy farm in Chippewa County, Fred Bowe developed a love for the land at an early age.  An avid outdoorsman he spent many hours hiking, fishing and talking about farming with his friends and relatives. 

With this in mind, his family created the Fred R. Bowe Memorial Endowment Fund to support nature related endeavors in Chippewa County.  When their mother, Frances Bowe Scheidler, passed away memorials were added to the fund since she had also enjoyed fishing and nurturing the land in her garden.

In working with the community foundation, the family found a meaningful way to commemorate the lives of two people with a deep respect for nature and the land.  This will be their lasting memory of their mom Frances and brother Fred.

Grants support sustainable and nature-related endeavors in Chippewa County.

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